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With one pull of a one-armed bandit at many of Nevada’s casinos, you could win a brand new car. But you’d feel pretty silly about that prize if you couldn’t even drive it out of the smallest big city in the world (that’s Reno). Well, lucky for you we have a step-by-step guide to make the headache of trying to get your permit or license fade away. Our materials include practice tests that are nearly identical to what you’ll see at the DMV. If you’re a visual learner, we also have questions with images to help you apply a visual situation to the questions at hand. With prep questions for motorcyclists, car drivers, or commercial vehicle operators, this is the resource for passing your upcoming motor vehicle test.

Business in Nevada is booming and it’s no gamble to try to get a job on a commercial vehicle to try to take advantage of the upswing. But whatever you want to do work-wise in a truck, van or bus, you’ll need a Nevada commercial driver’s license (CDL). The first step is paying an application fee. After you get a learners permit, the cost can be up to $142.25 if you need to take the written and skills tests. Additional endorsements are also pricey at $31 per – for passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal. And that’s before the $3.25 photo fee. After you’ve come all that way it would be a shame to fail any of the tests. That’s why we have so many exceptional practice tests and cheat sheets. Studying the items below will make you feel the most prepared when walking into the DMV.

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Nevada Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my NV Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How old must I be in order to apply for a Nevada driver’s license?

    You may apply for your learner’s permit at 15 ½. You may apply for your license at age 16.
  • What kind of documents do I need to apply for a license in Nevada?

    You must provide:
    • Proof of Identity such as a Birth Certificate or US Passport.
      Find a list of other acceptable documents at
    • Social Security Card or W-2 for proof of social security number
    • Utility bill for proof of residence
    • Minor Affidavit Sheet signed by parents (if under age 18)
    • Signed Driver’s License Application also known as form DMV 002 (financial responsibility section must be signed by parents if under 18)
  • Are there any requirements I must meet in order to get my permit in Nevada?

    There are a few requirements you must meet in order to get your permit in Nevada.
    • You must be at least 15 ½ years old
    • You must be able to provide proof of Identity, social security number and Nevada residency
    • You must be able to pass the vision test
    • You must have a parent willing to sign financial responsibility agreement
    • You must have a parent willing to sign a Minor Affidavit Sheet verifying your personal information (if under 18).
    • You must take a driver’s education course, either through your high school or from a DMV-approved driving school (if under 18, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS)
  • Where do I apply for my Nevada license?

    You must apply for your license at a Nevada DMV office. Easily find locations and hours at
  • How may I contact a Nevada DMV office?

    The Nevada DMV wants to hear from residents. You may contact them by phone at:
    • Las Vegas area
      (702) 486-4368
    • Reno/Sparks/Carson City
      (775) 684-4368
    • Elsewhere in Nevada
      (877) 368-7828
  • Who should bring me for my permit test in Nevada?

    If you are under 18, you will need to have someone willing to sign a financial responsibility agreement and Minor Affidavit Sheet for you. This will most likely be a parent or legal guardian. If you need more information contact Nevada customer service at (877) 368-7828.
  • Do I need a physical in order to get a license in Nevada?

    You do not have to go through the hassle of getting a physical in order to apply for a license in Nevada
  • Does Nevada require applicants to take an eye exam?

    Yes. You must score at least 20/40 in one eye. If you have to wear glasses or contact lenses you will have “Restriction A” placed on your license or permit.
  • What about my driver’s license photo?

    No need to worry. All Nevada DMV offices supply their applicants with driver’s license photographs. Be prepared and look your best!
  • How can I apply for my Nevada driver’s license?

    Here’s how you can apply for your Nevada license:
    • Be at least 15 ½ years old
    • Be able to provide proof of Identity, social security number and Nevada residency
    • Be able to pass the vision test
    • Have a legal guardian willing to sign financial responsibility agreement
    • Have a legal guardian willing to sign a Minor Affidavit Sheet verifying your personal information (if under 18).
    • Be enrolled in a driver’s education course, either through your high school or from a DMV-approved driving school (if under 18, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS)
  • What’s next after I apply for my Nevada driver’s license?

    After you apply for your license, you will get a paper interim until your permit comes in the mail. This usually takes about 10 days. After you get your permit, you must complete at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training with 10 of those hours being at night. You should keep track of your hours on the Beginning Driver’s Log and submit it when you go in for your road test.
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Here’s What Other Learners from Nevada Are Saying:

"I went into the DMV this morning to take my written test and passed with a 90%! Though the practice tests were extremely helpful I would recommend reading the handbook because there is stuff in there that is not asked on the practice test. But, with the help of this site I was able to walk out of the DMV permit in hand! This site is truly a God sent and the biggest help you could ask for when preparing to take the test! I would recommend taking every test multiple times until your score is in the 90's so that you really understand and know everything! I wish everyone taking their test the best of luck!"

Jill Clark, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I want to highly recommend this practice test because it was really helpful! I took my instructions permit test yesterday here in Reno Nevada and I passed excellently. I only got 1 question wrong and skipped 2 questions."

Bosipo Oshy, Reno, NV

"After studying the Nevada Driver's Handbook, I practiced all the tests on over and over. When I took my test, I had 85%. This website is highly recommendable to anyone who wishes to take the test."

Desmond A., Henderson, NV

"Totally helped me pass the CDL permit test on the 1st try. Awesome!"

Jason Watson, Sparks, Nevada

"These tests were a LIFE SAVER!! I failed my permit test once before and I was getting discouraged because I couldn't seem to remember anything from the handbook. After I found this website I went over all the tests for a week until I was making 90's. The morning I took my test I was done within ten minutes! It was the easiest test I've ever taken and I credit all of it to this website. "

Emily Torres, Las Vegas, Nevada

"The free tests provided helped me to do very well on my test the first time with minimal stress. I can't recommend these tests enough for anyone looking to pass their permit test!"

Chance H., Paradise, Nevada

"I took the test today and passed! Literally all thanks to these tests, I know I wouldn't of passed without it because my brother took it as well by just reading the DMV Handbook and failed, I read the book and kept taking these tests until i got 90% or higher. Big thanks!"

Cara B., Spring Valley, Nevada

"I just passed my permit test today!! I've had the handbook for a while but with the handbook and all these practice tests, you're on the path to success. My studying paid off!"

Nathan Ocampo, Nevada

"Well I took my permit test in December of 2013. I failed , really bad. I didn't know any other way to study, until I came across this website. I took the test today, 5/19/14, got a perfect score, because of this website. I did all the practice tests and got 100%'s on all of them. Studied the handbook here and there. Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without YOU!"

Jonathan Klein, Nevada

"I mainly practiced the available tests over and over until I was getting at least a 95% on each. Today, I studied the book right before I took my permit test. I only missed one question, and didn't even need to finish the entire test!! It was so easy and quick. Thank you!!"

Bella C., Nevada

"I love this website, it has helped me a lot. It took me three tries to pass my permit test and today was the day that I passed:) 9/13/13. I passed with an 80% and I’m so happy and excited that I did it. Thank u Now I can start driving :)"

Crystalina Fierro, Las Vegas, Nevada

"In the beginning I was very hesitant as to taking my permit test, and the Driver’s Handbook was very boring to read. I then came upon this site and with the help of all the practice tests I passed my first time taking the actual permit test. I was so happy, I could have never done it without the help of this site. Please use this site, IT REALLY DOES HELP ALOT! Thank you guys so much!"

Liewy Habte, Nevada

"I did not pass my permit the first try because I didn't read the manual thoroughly. Then read the entire book and took the test a second try. I didn't pass it by 3 points. I started to get frustrated, then I found this website. I practiced every single test until I scored 100% and re-read and highlighted the important things in the manual. I took the test a 3rd time and passed it! :D I'm so very happy! As of 3/17/14 I now have my permit and I can finally start learning to drive! I want to thank this website of how HELPFUL it really is! "

Susan Perdue, Nevada

"After I read the whole DMV manual I still thought to myself I was missing things. My friend told me about this website and instantly I fell in love with it! IT REALLY HELPS!! If you dont want to read the book just go to this website! After completing all the tests I passed my real one with a perfect score!"

Jake Sellers, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I didn’t even read my handbook and I passed with a 98 percent! I missed one question and it was a “fines and limits” question, so study those extra hard. I wouldn’t recommend NOT reading your handbook, though. Just cause I passed without reading it, isn’t a guarantee YOU will. I was just fortunate. This website is truly a God send, thank God. Take the tests over and over until you’re getting 100% every time. The questions are creepily IDENTICAL."

Nicole Simoletti, Las Vegas, NV

"If you take every test including the Marathon you'll pass with flying colors. Passed my test in less then 20 minutes. Thank you!"

Elmer Lee, Nevada
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